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Now Offering Free Web Tools!

MamdaniWeb now offering premium web tools for FREE of cost to our users. These Tools are categorized as follows:

Link Tools
Keyword Tools
Search Engine Tools
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Source Code Tools
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Web Site Optimization

Tips on Search Engine Optimization for your web site

  • Build quality links to your site pages from other well ranked sites on your target search engine.
  • Make sure you provide quality content that have something unique to offer and that have keywords or key phrases people might search to find your site.
  • Optimize you web site pages by making sure your top keywords appear in your title, meta tags and content.
  • If you sell products, give something away free (The word “free” is one of the top most searched words on the internet).
  • Keep a track of your listings/ranking in the top 10 search engines and analyze it periodically. Some tips on this:
    • Indexed Pages: To know which pages on your site are listed in the search engine and to see how they will appear to searchers type site:www.yourdomainname.extn in the search box, You might need to use host: instead for some of the search engines.
    • Link Popularity: To keep a track of sites that link to you (and also see their page rank), type link:www.yourdomainname.extn in the search box,You might need to use url: instead for some of the search engines.

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